Service Standards

We truly care about your pets experience as well as meeting you the owners expectations so we have set out our set of standards born from our values . This is what you can expect from us, no matter the animal, no matter the situation. 


Your dogs wellbeing is of most important to us. We will do whatever we can to make your dog feel comfortable but if we feel your dog is distressed, we will pause the groom for today and contact you right away.


We want your dogs to look, feel and smell great. But, most importantly we want it's coat to function for both the dog and the owner. If we feel your dog is severely matted, we may recommend a short clip off and will ask you to sign a permission form before grooming.


The safety of your dog while in our company, grooming studio or van is imperative and we take every precaution to ensure your dog is happy and safe. Please tell us how your dog behaves with other dogs. We can offer exclusive time to those dogs that prefer to go solo.


We deeply want to understand your requirements and end look of the groom and will do everything we can to facilitate this. If  we feel we cannot achieve your expectations for any reason, we will contact you before continuing with the groom.