Natural dog grooming products 101

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

So why do we use natural products on our beloved furry friends?

Perhaps you have been using the same doggy shampoos all your life, one specifically identified by your vet or perhaps those that are on offer at your local pet shop. Maybe you even use products that are similar to what you would use on yourself? That’s cool. The pet industry is massive and there is enough room on the grooming shelves in the pet shop and the grooming rooms for all of the many products that are out there.

Perhaps you haven’t considered using natural products consciously before? So here’s a little on the benefits I feel are available for the dog, the owner and the planet by using only natural and organic (as much as possible) products on our dogs.

1. Free from toxic chemicals

Sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it, the word ‘toxic’. But ultimately chemicals are made from elements that are forced, changed to suit the outcome of what we think we would like to see. The chemical processes in making these harmful bi-products are not only harmful to the environment in their production but also not something you would like on your dogs’ fur and absorbed into their skin, bloodstream and cells.

Typical harmful ingredients found in shampoo products include:

  • Sulfates (SLES) – the strong detergents take away the natural moisture from the dogs fur and can often lead to allergic reactions.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) – these are the chemicals that make your shampoo foam up and can cause allergic reactions, irritations and removes that natural oils in the hair and skin.

  • Parabens – these are a preservative that stop the bacteria growing in your shampoo bottle. However, parabens have the power to permeate the body and mimic hormones such as oestrogen. Now who actually wants more hormones running amuck?

  • Sodium chloride – put simply is salt. Salt dries and draws out moisture. End of.

  • Silicone – the same thing that is used in adhesives and solvents, rubber and resins. Each time you wash fur with silicone, your adding another layer of it to the fur. Sure it gives the initial illusion of silky hair but will soon weigh it down, make it greasy and lack shine.

  • Diethanolamine, Triethanolamine & Formaldehyde. The forma two are blending agents and the latter a preservative that have had links with serious disease.

2. Nature & nurture

We ourselves are nature and our four legged friends bring us even closer to that reality, reminding us of this though their love of the outdoors and taking in everything around them on every outing. The dogs know what heals even if we, the humans have forgotten. They are closer to the source and the source tells us nature heals.

Natural products are made from nature using essential oils carefully extracted and herbs lovingly grown by mother earth. What more could be better for your dog…and you.

3. Safer all round

Owners and groomers alike will benefit from the use of natural pet products. Reactions and allergies are minimised from the owners perspective. You may avoid parabens on your own skin, but what happens when you’re cuddling up to your dog who’s been bathed in it?

4. Healing

The healing power of herbs and essential oils have been tested on humans and animals alike. Natural ingredients provide healing to your dog on a physical and emotional level, maintaining the quality of life and level of wellbeing we all want for our much loved doggies.

5. No strange side effects.

Weird itching and scratching might be commonplace for your pet. They may have sensitivities, reactions, fleas or have just got into the habit of scratching. The healing natural power or herbs, fruits and essential oils will relieve irritations and can naturally heal a host of skin conditions or parasites.

So this is just a short insight into why it is worth considering natural dog grooming or indeed all natural products for you four legged friend. Ultimately the proof is in the pudding so why not give it a go and see for yourself.

Personally I love being around the scents of natural products, they fill me with joy and make me feel grounded and connected to nature. My dogs feel soft and fresh with no overpowering scents. They’re just dogs being dogs, naturally.

Much love



Picture credit: Cara Nicholls

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